Recently there have been some voices telling us that we lack a vision for the future of our open and participative society.

I don’t know if you find this is true for you. But in case you do, here’s my vision for the society we share:

Dense human interaction can replace command & control, power-over, coercion and violence, both structural and physical. Dense interaction between us can also replace our profit-focus and our bureaucracy.  Dense interaction between human beings nurtures our empathy and is nurtured by our empathy towards ourselves and towards one another.

Each time we participate in an empathic interaction,

Each time we do what is ours to nurture good relationship and connection:

This future society with totally different institutions, institutions we can’t imagine nowadays, becomes a little bit more a reality.

As we can’t imagine this society and its institutions besides some romantic pictures of „world as a village“ or „humanitiy as one big family“ this vision can to some extent be called a non-vision.

If you share this non-vision and if you’re longing for this different kind of human society we can’t imagine, there’s one thing you can do right now right here to support its realization:

Stop focusing anything besides human body language. Focus only on our natural signals of human feelings and human needs; may they be yours, may they be the ones of your fellow human beings.

Sounds a little bit boring, perhaps. Or even worse: May sound like a proscription first.

For me it isn’t a loss. It is our contribution to make our world and ourselves more colorful, more interesting, more satisfying and much more free, especially in our daily encounters.

All visions and all new things we want to contribute to by purpose need focus. And the focus on what human bodies tell us every hour, every second is what the non-vision above takes. It’s all that is necessary for its realization. We connect our past and our future by deliberately including our bodies in our handling of the presence.

And as we easily get distracted, homecoming: returning to the prescence is always connected with bringing our focus back to our bodies. Especially in our interactions with others. Stay connected even if it hurts for the moment. Don’t let your oh so hungry and desperate mind cheat on you by searching fulfillment elsewhere.